Pulse Check

“Do I need to intervene? What will happen if I don’t intervene?”

These are key questions for people with project governance responsibilities.  However, conventional project status reporting rarely provides the answers to these questions in a timely or direct way.

Deloitte’s Project Pulse Check is a quick, cost effective yet insightful solution to this problem.  A succinct online survey of key stakeholders and project participants provides a 360° view of the project’s health at a point in time.  Most importantly this is a forward-looking view focused on the consequences of continuing to run the project in the current manner (the “do nothing” option), rather than the historical task completion perspective of most conventional status reporting.  It also shows how perspectives differ across stakeholder groups, which is often an indicator of underlying dynamics in the project.

Applied to an individual project across its lifecycle, Deloitte’s Project Pulse Check provides early warning of when intervention is required, as well as a simple means of monitoring the effectiveness of any interventions.

Applied across a portfolio of projects, Deloitte’s Project Pulse Check allows governance and monitoring resources to be allocated according to need, rather than on a “one-size-fits-all” basis.