Project Team Competency

Finding the right person for the job is every leader’s challenge.

In projects it’s even harder because every project is different and requires a specific mix of skills across the project team.  Generic competency standards can help with understanding an individual’s overall level, but not their fit with a specific project, or how to construct a project team with the requisite spread of skills.

Deloitte’s Project Team Competency solution assesses individual competencies against project complexity characteristics to create individual competency profiles. Different combinations of individual competency profiles are then compared to the project complexity profile to determine the best composition for the project team.

Applied at an individual project level it takes the guesswork out of selecting project teams.  For each team it also shows their strengths and weaknesses relative to their project.

Applied at a project portfolio level it supports better resource allocation across projects.  It also enables proactive workforce planning – getting the right mix of skills to handle the project pipeline through recruitment, training and external resources.

For each individual it enables targeted professional development and hence better return on training investments.